Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Book on LOST?

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love the television show LOST. Everything about the show was great, from the unique plot and storytelling elements to the dynamic characters. In fact, I even wrote a chapter for the book LOST Thought about how the writers of the show used the power of storytelling so well to accomplish this feat. It's a show I enjoy discussing, watching, thinking about, and writing about.

That's why I want to write about it some more. This time, instead of focusing on the Story elements of the show, I want to examine some of the spiritual themes it addressed. I began thinking about how some viewers were disappointed after viewing the final episode, expecting a sci-fi element to come into play, being shocked by the more "spiritual" elements. However, as Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the showrunners, would tell us, LOST is, at its heart, a very spiritual show. You can see these elements very clearly from the first season and can trace them through the entire series.

That's what I plan to do. Though the book will examine spiritual themes throughout the show, my plan is to write about them from a more objective point of view. I don't want to try and "fit" the show into any particular religious mold, as this was never the goal of the show itself. At the same time, I do not plan to examine every since instance of religion popping up in the show. Instead, I want to look at the big picture.

I've already outlined the basic elements of the show that I will write about. Ironically, there are sixteen different topics I will address. And now I need to start getting into the details, organizing them into clear, coherent, and captivating chapters.

Although I love writing fiction, I also love analyzing and discussing movies and television. I've done plenty of nonfiction writing before, and only a few projects with this scope. It's exciting to start, and I know it will be well-worth the journey.

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